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What Was Marilyn Monroe's Sex Life Like Outside Of Her Public Image?
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By Thomas Burrows for MailOnline.
Monroe sex Marlin
By Michael Thornton for MailOnline. Marilyn Monroe was the world's number one sex symbol, but she was not the man-eating siren her image suggested.
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Joe Di Maggio and Marilyn Monroe's electric sex life
Monroe sex Marlin
Marilyn Monroe - Wikipedia
Monroe sex Marlin
When year-old Margaret Owen married year-old David Lloyd George in she hoped he would be faithful but even his son once described his father as like a Bengal tiger with a gazelle when it came to women. A few months after their marriage he had fathered a child with one Mrs J, who was paid to stay quiet.
Monroe sex Marlin
Marilyn Monroe's Most Famous Lovers: Truth vs. Rumor
Monroe sex Marlin
Usually, when you hear rumors about a famous person, it's wise not to believe all of them. However, a lot of the crazy stories about Marilyn Monroe are true - and there are some Marilyn stories that you've never even heard before that are definitely true.
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Marilyn Monroe: The ultimate sex symbol for men. But did she only love women?
Monroe sex Marlin
Kennedy to Jerry Lewis, a look at Marilyn Monroe's great loves and rumored flings.
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